For over 25 years, the Italian village of Monte Castello di Vibio has welcomed some of the most respected artists & thinkers in the world.

International Center for the Arts

We invite artists, writers, scholars, lifelong learners, and all those who desire to learn about the rich cultural traditions of Italy, to experience its extraordinary historical treasures and to savor its natural beauty. Work with us, study with us, join a community of thinkers and doers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Come and share the perspective of our hilltop village—immerse yourself in a side of Italy rarely seen by visitors.Experience Italy the way Italians do: savor its traditions and expand your mind and heart.

Our Workshops

Teaching, learning, and experiencing art first-hand is our passion and we’re eager to help others achieve their artistic goals and ambitions with our workshops and retreats.

Immersive Programs

The Village of Monte Castello di Vibio has hosted several immersive art programs for some of the most well recognized professional art schools, colleges, and universities in the world.
Schedule Your Own Residency
ICA Italy offers unique residency programs for dedicated artists in search of inspiration, guidance, and tranquility to focus on their work. Creating art in the Village of Monte Castello di Vibio is an unmatchable experience you won’t want to miss out on.




The ICA Residency coincides with our available retreats while giving guests the freedom to pursue their own interests. The residency program includes private office/studio space, weekly field trips, and living accommodations.
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Host an Atelier Workshop, 
Conference or Symposium with ICA

One of the best ways to help novice creators find inspiration and develop a greater passion for the arts is by hosting your own conference or leading a workshop. At The International Center for the Arts, we’re proud to offer our beautiful village to other enthusiastic artists, writers, and creative professionals in the industry. 

If you have a conference or workshop that you'd like to host, submit a proposal today.

Excursions & Local Events

Keep up with what’s happening in and around Monte Castello during your stay with us. Events listed here happen in conjunction with our retreats and are open to all residents and the public.

Guests love visiting Monte Castello and you will, too. Come visit the traditional Italian town where local customs and culture can be seen at every turn for visitors to experience and embrace for themselves.
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Learn More, Explore Our Village 
& Meet Our Neighbors

The village of Monte Castello has hosted students and instructors from professional art schools, colleges, and universities for over 25 years. As a result, the community has established a legacy of excellence in the arts and humanities. In partnership with that community, the International Center for the Arts is privileged to build upon this by offering retreats throughout the year that include workshops, festivals, seminars, culinary classes, sommelier courses, and more.
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Keep Up With ICA & Village of Monte Castello di Vibio

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    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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