Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, marrying the arts with mathematics to create some truly complex and stunning structures. This summer course will primarily focus on art, using mathematical techniques to design your own origami.  For USAO students, this course counts as an Artistic Expression course.

For more information on mathematics role in origami, click here.

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Master Printer Ian Jackson leads a 2-week intaglio workshop at the International Center for the Arts.

Intaglio (from the Italian tagliare, meaning to carve or cut), is the term encompassing the multitude of printmaking techniques where a mark incised in a plate holds ink while the surface is wiped clean before printing.

Drawing directly into copper plates by raising a metal burr with sharp implements, participants will learn the exquisite craft of drypoint and produce hand-wiped prints of original drawings.

Drypoint is uniquely prized among artists and collectors for its velvety-rich line quality and sfumato-like tonality, achievable only through careful scraping and polishing.

Within the walls of the medieval village of Monte Castello di Vibio high above the countryside, artists will find no shortage of inspiration. One wakes up in the morning, takes a step from their doorway, and is immediately overcome by the impulse to draw everything within sight: hillsides dotted in olive groves smeared in dazzling Umbrian sunlight; thick stone architecture casting long shadows; a tranquil studio filled with diffuse natural light, waiting to be occupied.

Over the course of the 2-week workshop, participants will learn every step of the drypoint printing process while refining their own drawings through the frequent repetition of proofing, critiquing, and editing, culminating in the production of their own edition and a group show.

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Where we live, visit, and create can be a great source of inspiration. In this workshop we will view our surroundings with visitor’s eyes and make note of the details that appeal to us and draw us in. We will translate those details, from mundane to exceptional, (a window, archway, flower, fruit, bottle, hat, etc.) into simple repeatable images using stencils, block prints, and image transfers. You will learn surface design techniques including printing, stitching, mending, embroidery, collage, and dyeing and painting with local earth pigments, etc. Our richly layered papers and fabric will be made into books, scrolls, wall pieces, vessels, bags, and objects. Jody will teach students a number of bookmaking and paper structure techniques as well as how to construct items out of fabric including books, bags, pockets, vessels and other objects. By the end of the workshop each of us will have a different but cohesive collection of richly layered items communicating a sense of place that will be arranged into personal installations.

Field trips will serve as source material and inspiration gathering expeditions as well as personal enrichment. Trips will include visits to Florence and Rome.

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Working on heavy grade watercolor paper, using ink and watercolor, students will employ geometry, line, shape and form to create 2 non-objective paintings.

We will research designs and interpret them for our various individual projects during the second week.  Please feel free to bring your design ideas and other inspirational materials to adapt as well.

As inspiration, we will be looking at historic designs found in art and architecture during our trips to both Florence and Rome.

We will be using a variety of techniques gained from studies in both European and Indian processes (including; color filling, line and design work, burnishing, washing, sanding and waxing),

Students will aim to create a harmonious balance from a mix of structure and improvisation by daily:

Meditation— finding thoughtless awareness through the use of affirmations, self awareness and inner peace.

Yoga— basic Hatha yoga practice allowing the student to slow down, tune into oneself and ones breathing and let the body guide you through simple movements such as Surya Namaskar.

Mindful observation 1— sit in silence drawing an object for three minutes, at the end of this time restart, drawing the same object again. 30 minutes.

Mindful observation 2— using the senses to raise awareness and explore imagination through the use of taste, touch and sound.

The course will be run with the help of Danish artist and assistant Emma Holm.

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