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Performing Arts

Our central location in Italy and the tranquil setting of Monte Castello provide the ideal place for performers and musicians to join in the rich and diverse theatrical and musical traditions of Italy.

Our Focus

Music, Theatre, and the Performing arts are integral to Italian culture. Their achievements in these fields are among the greatest in the history of mankind. At ICA, our participants benefit from this history through immersion in this rich environment, in which every aspect of existence is touched by the passion for the performing arts.
Our incredible facilities, that include the incomparable, 18 th c. Teatro Concordia, numerous public squares, ballrooms and numerous practice spaces are ideal for sharpening skills and directed study as well as truly enchanted places for performances.
At ICA, we emphasize the importance of looking at and experiencing great art. This is abundantly clear in our offerings in the Performing arts, which are greatly enriched through opportunities to witness performances: an opera in Rome, a concert in nearby Todi, theatre in Perugia, and numerous film and music festivals throughout the year, such as the Perugia Jazz Festival, and the world renowned, Festival of Two-Worlds in nearby Spoleto.

What We Offer

The peace and quiet of our little mountain village provide the perfect place to focus on growth and development within the performing arts. Our proximity to Perugia and Spoleto provides easy access to these musical and performance centers with their world-renowned festivals, such as the Umbria Jazz Festival and The Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds (Festival Dei Due Mondi). In addition, our proximity to Rome and Florence provides easy access to performances in those cities, making it easy to see an opera performance, a musical event, or a theatrical piece. Thus, in the context of an exceptionally rich, world-class performing arts environment, we provide a refuge for skill development and production.

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The Approach

At ICA, we believe that the value of studying art in Italy is not easily defined by any single approach or aesthetic. From its hilltop perch in the exact geographic center of Italy, the tranquil atmosphere of Monte Castello is surrounded by a nation that is permeated by great masterworks of Music,Theatre, Film, and Performance. In this inspiring environment, our minds are opened to new directions of conceptual growth, to more expansive avenues of communication, and to more creative and sophisticated ways of expression. 

At ICA, we take art seriously, but like our Italian models, we also value inventiveness, individual innovation, and commitment to self-expression. We stress growth in understanding the rich forms of the performing arts. We believe in guided discovery, in learning through dialogue, and in seeing great art as a living expression of real humans, like ourselves, from whom we can learn and grow. We engage in discussions on works of art as a community, striving to create an environment in which we exchange ideas and grow as artists and performers together.

Performing Arts Courses

For participants in the Performing Arts, we provide practice space and upon request can provide equipment, such as musical instruments (including a baby grand piano and other large instruments) as well as AV and projection equipment. Our end-of-session performances (if applicable) are held in the charming and delightful Teatro Concordia, or outdoors under the stars in one of the piazzas that grace our village and provide a spectacular backdrop of mountains and river valley – with exceptional moonrises that are unforgettable!

Included Features* of Performing Arts Programs

Private or Semi-Private Individual Studio/Workspace

All program participants in the Performing Arts are provided with a work/practice space and performance space. The work/practice spaces are available on a 24/7 basis. In this, we accommodate individual needs with the appropriate size and location of workspaces. Through our application form, we determine your needs taking into consideration factors you have identified as well as equipment needed.

Classroom Spaces and Resources

For group endeavors, all practice/workspaces are accessible 24/7 and are be equipped with appropriate equipment.

One Excursion Per Week

Each week of the program, an excursion is scheduled to extraordinary destinations around Umbria, Lazio, and Tuscany. In each week of your visit, scheduled trips include cities such as: Rome, Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Orvieto, and Assisi. See your course itinerary or our Calendar for this year’s schedule of field trips. We also offer additional, topical guided trips upon request for an additional fee in addition to natural areas, shopping, wine tasting, and cultural events and festivals.

Participant Performances in the Teatro Concordia, and Central Square

At the close of the session, participants have the option of a public performance of their work. These events are well attended by the community at the school and by residents of the village and region. Each event features a fully catered reception with wine and other beverages as well as light snacks prepared by our kitchen staff.
*All of our workshops and retreats include Airport Transfers Upon Arrival and Departure, Single or Double Occupancy Accommodations, and Three Meals of Typical Umbrian Cuisine Daily. To view a full list of included amenities, follow the link below.
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