The Music Expression and Performance course is an intensive solo and chamber music workshop for vocalists, instrumentalists, pianists, and composers. The course will focus on non-traditional practice approaches, musicality, interpretation, improvisation, movement, creativity, and performance. Students will have the opportunity to perform on the campus of the International Center for the Arts. The class will focus especially on repertoire of Italian composers and will also take field trips to attend music performances.

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After the defeat of Napoleon, English tourists and artists flocked back to the healing warmth and creative inspiration of Italy. English Romantic authors Lord Byron, John Keats, Percy Shelley, and Mary Shelley spent artistically fruitful years there, with Keats and Percy resting there still. This course will study works by these authors that were composed, conceived, and/or set in Italy.

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Menrva, the Etruscan goddess of creativity, was also known as the ‘Goddess of a Thousand Works” – an aspirational goal for writers and academics if there ever was one! What better place, therefore, to channel the spirit of Menrva and focus on your writing than in Umbria, the heart of Etruria, the land of the Etruscans!

The Menrva Writing Retreat at the International Center for the Arts in Monte Castello di Vibio provides up to two weeks of glorious time and space to write, while also enjoying the beauty of Umbria, the hospitality of an Italian hill town, great conversation, and delicious food and wine!

Led by Dana Zartner, Professor in the International Studies Department at the University of San Francisco, the retreat is geared towards academic writers, but open to all. The Menrva retreat will offer the opportunity to engage with your work in a supportive community with other writers in a beautiful Italian setting. Communal and individual writing spaces will be available to participants. Days are unstructured, save for the delicious meals, and opportunities for group discussion and presentation of your work are available for those who wish to do so.

 There will also be the opportunity to explore the region through field trips and events (additional costs apply), including trips to Assisi, Perugia, or Lago Trasimeno, and wine, cheese, and olive oil tastings. Participants will have the opportunity to indicate their interests when registering for the retreat.

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