August 4 - August 25, 2019

August 4 - August 25, 2019

August 4 - August 25, 2019

In this two week workshop, painter Richard Hart will explore with participants the creation of collaged works that employ a variety of techniques on canvas, linen and other textiles, including figurative painted elements drawn from the natural beauty of Monte Castello di Vibio and surrounds; the use of fabric dyes and water based paints; the use of cyanotype printing and photosensitive inks; as well as the incorporation of off-the-shelf printed textiles.

We will embrace chance and experimentation as we follow curiosity and intuition into unknown creative territory. Once each participant has created a small inventory of textiles and painted elements, we will begin sewing pieces together to create at least one 60 cm x 80 cm collage, which will then be critiqued and hung for exhibit at the end of the session.

This workshop will encourage participants to experiment and move beyond their creative comfort zones. We will actively pursue joy in new modes of mark-making, unexpected color combinations and happy accidents. And once our raw material has been made, we will combine elements with great care (or reckless abandon!) paying attention to considerations including composition, balance, color relationships, scale and juxtaposition.

All this while absorbing the incredible environment and landscape of Monte Castello di Vibio and Umbria, whose eternal richness continues to inspire artists, writers and thinkers worldwide. The workshop will include two Friday trips where we will view millennia of artistic expression in the forms of painting, drawing and architecture (not to mention, fashion).

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Amy Weiskopf and Xico Greenwald will co-teach a two-week summer still life painting workshop open to artists of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Instruction will be tailored to individual students within the group. Participants will be able to work from classroom still life arrangements put together by the instructors and also have the option of assembling their own still life arrangements in a private studio space. Still life objects can be obtained during trips to local Umbrian produce stands. This session will include evening art lectures, group discussions, and day-trips to visit Museo Morandi and nearby early renaissance masterworks by Piero della Francesca. Students can also take advantage of unstructured time to explore the Umbrian countryside.

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Throughout its history, printmaking has been used to tell stories, whether in partnership with a written text or through images that stand alone. In this course you will draw inspiration from narrative traditions in Italian art and from a personally significant myth, poem, or story. Printmakers and graphic storytellers Ursula West Minervini and Jonathan Poliszuk will guide you in creating of a series of prints that explore a text of your choosing. Friday trips to Rome and to the Fabriano Museum of Paper and Watermark will inspire us and deepen our understanding of illustrative imagery and printmaking in the history of Italian art.

We will study two printmaking techniques in which bright marks are pulled from a dark ground: Reductive Monotype and Woodcut. You will work in monotype to explore broadly and develop your ideas, choose one or more images to develop more purposefully in woodcut, and then combine the techniques to create expressive, colorful images.

Monotypes are unique prints. In reductive monotype a plate is coated with a layer of printing ink and light tones are scraped, dabbed, or brushed away to create a luminous, gestural image, which is printed by hand or with a press. The process is superficially similar to drawing or painting, but the image undergoes a transformation in the transfer of ink from a prepared plate onto printing paper. Working in monotype invites exploration, risk-taking, and an openness to surprise and discovery.

Woodcut is perhaps the oldest form of printmaking, and is inextricably linked with the history of books and illustration. The surface of a woodblock is inked and printed after carving away all but the intended design. The carving process is meditative and purposeful, and many identical or varying impressions can be produced from a single carved block. The technique lends itself to bold, graphic expression, but is also capable of producing subtle textures and intricate detail.

In our first week, you will begin by working rapidly through a series of reductive monotypes, boldly exploring multiple aspects of your chosen text. Through this exploration, you will arrive at themes and compositions that you wish to work with more purposefully, and undertake the design and carving of one or more woodcuts.

In the second week Ursula and Jonathon will guide you through the nuances of the printing process. You will create editions, explore layered color printing, and combine techniques in prints that meld the graphic impact of woodcut with the expressive fluidity of monotype. The class will culminate in a group show in which students will present their new body of work.

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Where we live, visit, and create can be a great source of inspiration. In this workshop we will view our surroundings with visitor’s eyes and make note of the details that appeal to us and draw us in. We will translate those details, from mundane to exceptional, (a window, archway, flower, fruit, bottle, hat, etc.) into simple repeatable images using stencils, block prints, and image transfers. You will learn surface design techniques including printing, stitching, mending, embroidery, collage, and dyeing and painting with local earth pigments, etc. Our richly layered papers and fabric will be made into books, scrolls, wall pieces, vessels, bags, and objects. Jody will teach students a number of bookmaking and paper structure techniques as well as how to construct items out of fabric including books, bags, pockets, vessels and other objects. By the end of the workshop each of us will have a different but cohesive collection of richly layered items communicating a sense of place that will be arranged into personal installations.

Field trips will serve as source material and inspiration gathering expeditions as well as personal enrichment. Trips will include visits to Florence and Rome.

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The International Center for the Arts is proud to announce a Masterclass with renowned wood-sculptor Bruno Walpoth. Known for the uncanny presence of an internal presence, his lifelike sculptures have been regarded as possessing an almost metaphysical presence: “Bruno Walpoth’s work proves how strong the spell is; his statues are not objects, rather almost animate creations with souls, their feelings bare for the viewer to see.”

The two-week intensive requires experience in working from the human figure on a life-sized scale, as well as at least two years of experience in working with wood. Those interested in admission should provide a C.V. and Artists Statement, as well as 10-20 images of work demonstrating a degree of proficiency in these areas.  Participation in the Masterclass is limited to 8.

Participants will be provided with a select log of walnut and worksurface, but must provide their own chisels, rasps, and mallet – although these tools will also be available in our art supply store. The group will be provided with a model and working intensely each participant will produce a life -sized bust.  As part of the class, the group will make an excursion to Florence in order to study wooden sculpture in various collections. An optional trip to the National Gallery of Umbria, in Perugia will be available as well.

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August 15–29, 2021

We present a unique opportunity to master the two different ways of pursuing street photography. We shall call them “Fishing” and “Hunting”, and they depend on one’s self and the circumstances you face when trying to photograph strangers in the street.

Fishing implies patience, effort, offering something to the other, a way of seduction, a slow pace approach to people that interest you, convincing them to voluntarily and even happily allow you to shoot their image.

Dominique will teach you how to overcome the fear of approaching strangers asking for a photo, how to empathize with them, how to connect with your subjects, creating a friendly atmosphere and avoiding negative reactions. As a result, you will not only get better portraits but also have fun and make new friends.

Hunting means jumping at the occasion to get a candid photo as a testimony of reality, capturing the image without being seen, stealing them in a way, seeing without being seen.

Ximena will teach you how to navigate a hectic world where we look but often don’t see, to immerse yourself in a quasi-meditative-contemplative state to sharpen your gaze to discover and portray details that escape us.  How to use photography as a way to slow down one’s mind, connect with the landscape, others and yours, anticipating events through conscious observation, allowing you to capture the decisive moment. As a result,  you capture unforgettable images but also better understand yourself in the process.

The end result of this workshop is to help each participant master the different tools that allow you to find or perfect your own photographic style; and to improve and develop your street photography by adapting it to different contexts.

At the end of this workshop, the best images of the participants will be printed and exhibited in ICA’s gallery with a gallery opening.

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Focusing on the accurate portrayal of anatomy, posture and gesture, we will investigate the communication of complex emotion and narrative context through building a full human figure. Details of hands, feet, hair, facial expression and fabric folds will be emphasized during this two week workshop. Kevin Rohde will lead participants through the process of constructing full figures 24” tall using a unique armature process and solid building method. Once the armatures are removed, the pieces will be hollowed out and completed, covering the ceramic slip and cold finishing process.

We will also be going on two day-trips to either Florence or Rome and either Siena or Perugia, exploring those great cities’ rich sculptural heritage. For more information, contact us.

Drawn to Color and Light is a unique opportunity to discover or improve your drawing skills through the lens of some of the great artists of the New York school.  Surrounded by the color and light of Umbria, we will focus particularly on ideas about color and space emphasized in the teaching of Hans Hofmann, as well as his student, Mercedes Matter, with whom I studied in New York. It can be hard to slow down and actually look at things, especially when travelling. Sight-seeing doesn’t always include really seeing in the ways that Hofmann and Matter passionately taught. This week-long workshop on drawing and color provides participants with the time to stop, look and draw.

Over the course of this workshop, you will practice drawing exercises developed to help you to see in new ways. You will focus on the basic elements of drawing as stressed by Hofmann and his school – line, shape, value, space, form, texture—and especially color!  In order to facilitate this, we will begin with a pastel-making workshop in order to provide information on that medium as well as to expand the repertoire of your drawing media.

Each day will include a morning session that shares practical information about materials and methods and introduces exercises using a specific drawing element and one of the color contrasts. Classes will continue in the afternoon either outdoors in the walled town, or in the studio. Before dinner, we’ll gather to look at and discuss the day’s work. There will be a field trip on Friday to Assisi, with the opportunity to draw from Giotto’s famous frescos (Hofmann would be thrilled!).

The workshop is appropriate for beginning artists as well as those who wish to refresh and improve their skills.

For more information, contact us.

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