Chance Morgan is the founder and owner of the Native Meat Company. An accomplished chef, he began producing his artisanal meats because of an interest in utilizing regionally raised animals and exploring traditional preparations in curing and smoking meats.  A renowned craftsman in this practice, his production has been compared to the finest European cured meats. On the other hand, his knowledge of American traditions, such as boudin and andouille sausage making, is equally acknowledged.  These factors make Chance the ideal guide with whom to explore the world of Italian – and Umbrian - Salumi, in its extraordinary diversity and sophistication. Participants in the course will make a variety of whole-meat, as well as chopped meat types and methods, beginning with butchering the whole animal (both wild boar and domestic pigs) to curing and preserving and aging the meats. The group will travel along with the Food and Wine Tour to Florence and to Norcia in order to experience Tuscan traditions as well as the “Mecca” of cured meats from which Italian “norcini” (butchers) get their name.  

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    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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