Denise Carbone

Denise's studio is in South Jersey where many unusual experiments happen. Her interest in historical bookmaking has taken her to Italy and Greece to study with masters on the subject and China to teach western bookmaking. Her publication, Observations on the Caterpillar Stitch, 2007, was based on a 12 Th century book binding. She has taught many workshops on structure and book protection at book arts centers and events like the Paper Book Intensive. She’s taught at The University of the Arts, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and was a book conservator at the American Philosophical Society for many years. “I like making things, figuring out the details of particulars, especially when it comes to function and the haptics of objects like books. The challenge (and pleasure when it happens) is finding a material that excites the senses. And maybe not in the sense one would expect. “ In 2019 she collaborated with a fashion designer. Wrap Book Studio was the result.

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ica italy

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