Dominique Misrahi was born and raised in Marseille, France and currently lives in the heart of Manhattan, New York. She has spent a lifetime studying movement and dance, and has been a fitness instructor for over twenty-five years. 

When Dominique is not on active photography assignment, she is busy documenting her experience of New York City’s vibrant street culture. From the beginning, she has trained her vision on a single subject: People.  

Dominique’s work has been featured in several international photography exhibitions, including “Women Street Photographers” traveling exhibition. Her work has been published widely in international photography magazines. She has studied under photographers Bruce Gilden, Robert E. Meyer, Jamel Shabazz and Richard Renaldi, Andrew French and Gulnara Samoilova.

While Dominique’s work has shown her to be an inspired yet dispassionate observer of the varied appearances of the human condition, Dominique has a unique talent for revealing the inner light that animates her subjects and gives them life.

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    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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