At ICA, we are fortunate to have a staff of individuals who are not only delightful people, but also remarkable artists and scholars, chefs, performers, and craftspeople in their own practice. All of these individuals, in addition to their contribution to ICA, have years of experience in their disciplines under their belts - in fact, collectively totaled, a couple of centuries of experience in all!

Levity aside, this talent, skill, and training often goes unrecognized and, after years of requests, we have decided to offer a series of workshop intensives taught by ISA staff in context of their area of disciplinary specialization. In the visual arts and art history – particularly considering our location - it should come as no surprise the common area of staff expertise is in Italian Renaissance Studies. Thus, accompanied by a wide-range of visiting lecturers, these workshops will focus on the following areas of studio practice:

Anatomy for the Artist
Cast Drawing and Modelling
Perspective and Optics
Paint and Pigments

These courses (also available for college-credit) are ideal for those who are limited in time or budget and are looking for a brief sojourn in Italy, accompanied by intensive instruction. For Italians and expats who happen to reside in our neighborhood these courses are ideal in that they provide the highest quality instruction, locally, and at a competitive cost. (For our neighbors, please note that a special, day-participant price, that includes instruction, lunch, and one excursion.)

All supplies are included.

On the other hand, for those having a little more time in Italy, as well as a more expansive budget, we suggest taking more than one of these interrelated courses

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