Karin Kraemer is an artist, and owner of Duluth Pottery, in Duluth MN. She makes pottery and tile for everyday use in order to bring art to the table and home.  She works in Maiolica, a tin glaze technique. Her objective is to celebrate the day, drawing from everyday scenes and objects for my imagery capturing the color and movement of the moment.

Karin grew up in Minneapolis and in 1986 received her BFA in glass working from St. Cloud State University. She blew glass in Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin. She moved to Morgantown, WV in 1990 and started working in clay at the WVU clay center. In 1996, Karin moved to Carbondale, Illinois and did graduate work at Southern Illinois University, receiving an MFA in Ceramics in1996. She found my way to Maiolica there, and loved it! Later, she and her husband moved to Victoria, British Columbia. We lived there for 2 years making pots, gardening and traveling. In 1998, Duluth became our new home. 

Today, Karin teaches at local colleges and workshops, and am part of our Lincoln Park Crafts District. A few years ago, she opened Duluth Pottery, to showcase her artwork and talented artists from our region. They have two potters and two letterpress artists at the facility making art. 

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    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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