Mary Shea is accomplished in drawing, painting and printmaking; drawing is at the heart of all she does. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati in drawing, and her BFA in painting and sculpture from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She studied at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture with Mercedes Matter and later returned to attend drawing and sculpture marathons with Graham Nickson and Bruce Gagnier. She also attended the Yale Summer School of Music and Art, studying with Louis Finkelstein and Andrew Forge.

Mary often combines her love of drawing with her response to color by working with pastel, gouache and watercolor, allowing her to draw and paint at the same time.  

Mary is a generous and encouraging teacher. Her teaching experience spans twenty years; she has taught university undergraduate and graduate students as well as community education classes and workshops. 

Mary came to the International Center for the Arts in Monte Castello di Vibio for an artist’s residency in 2018. She returned in 2019, drawn back by the beauty of the place and by an atmosphere so conducive to creative work. She hopes to introduce other artists and students of art to this extraordinary place. 

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