Nathan is a travelling charcutier, live fire chef, and business strategy consultant currently based in Berlin, Germany. He brings deep experience in the charcuterie and butchery world in the French, Spanish, and Italian tradition and has most recently served as the Chef-in-Residence at cooking schools in the Pacific Northwest. Nathan offers his insider’s experiences of Italy from his time spent as a stagisti with Dario Cecchini’s Macelleria in Panzano and with Alice Waters’ Rome Sustainable Food Project in Rome. He is an engaging teacher, a great road trip companion, and a wealth of (mostly) true stories. Having spent years working with Kate HIll and the Chapolard Family in Southwest France, Nathan has also served as an international authority on all things meat - he’s judged national charcuterie competitions on both sides of the pond and taught his methods as far away as Bogota, Colombia. He is currently an International Security Management Masters candidate at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and is focusing his thesis research on international food defense.

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ica italy

    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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