“I am Italian but lived abroad many years. I have a background in engineering.  I am a FIS  (Italian Sommelier Foundation)  Oil Sommelier, a  Professional Taster registered in the National Registry of Italian Tasters of Olive Oils, a Producer of High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils awarded in the most important oil competitions and owner of the Passo della Palomba farm.”

About : Passo della Palomba Farm:

“In the estate of about 75 hectares, we produce High Quality oils and wines in sustainable agriculture. We also carry out accommodation business as a holiday home. In the 15 hectares of olive groves we have about 5000 olive trees of the following varieties. Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, San Felice, Dolce Agogia, Don Carlo and Pendolino. We are a Slow Food Presidium for Moraiolo. From the olives of these olive groves we produce 5 mono-cultivars oils and two Blends: Olistico and Olistico Gran Cru We have been organizing introduction courses to the world of oil for. The tutorials, including tastings and samplings, are held in the tasting rooms of the splendid estate of the Passo della Palomba Farm and have a great following and success. Outside, guests can visit the olive groves and then view ancient artifacts of olive processing (millstones, settling tanks and jars) but also the very modern two-phase company oil mill which are all located a few steps from the urban courtyard.”

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    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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