Tom Balbo has been making paper since 1978 while attending Syracuse University’s College of
Visual and Performing Arts for his MFA. Tom's earliest work was primarily in ceramics and
printmaking. As his interest in papermaking grew, his work turned increasingly towards
expressing his artistic creativity in this area. In 2008, Tom along with other local artists, founded
The Morgan Art of Paper Conservatory and Educational Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, where
he now holds emeritus status. Presently, Tom continues to work in paper, printmaking, and
ceramics, dividing his time between creating in his studio/gallery and as co-director of the annual
Paper and Book Intensive, a working spring sabbatical for book and paper artists. Over the past
40 years, Tom's work has been exhibited and shown in a large number of shows and galleries
and he has garnered numerous awards and critical attention for his work. He is committed to
fostering the craft and art of hand papermaking and the art of the book.

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    Photography Credit: Sarah Slade
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