Travis Marley’s career began at an early age after graduating from Baltimore International College at 19. He soon began his career as lead baker in a retail cake shop/café, and quickly discovered he had found his passion in sugar and butter. He later transitioned into restaurants as a Pastry Chef for Foreman-Wolf, a James Beard recognized restaurant group in Baltimore.

During his time at Foreman-Wolf, he developed and executed menus for multiple restaurants such as Charleston, Pazo, Johnny’s of Roland Park, Cinghiale, and Petit Louis, including their retail bakery and café. While he was Pastry Chef at Cinghiale, he traveled Northern Italy on an 11-day study of the region’s food and wine culture.

Currently, he is the Regional Pastry Chef for the Atlas Group, one of Baltimore’s fastest growing private businesses, overseeing multiple area restaurants. His 12 years in the industry have shaped and molded Travis’ approach to his practice with a style that focuses on regionally available ingredients and modern applications of traditional methods.

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