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The International Center for the Arts, and ICARTS, SRL, are proud to announce a unique workshop focused on the appreciation of La Bela Lingua.

Beginning in our 2024 season, ICA/ICARTS, will offer an ongoing workshop that focusses on development, expansion, and improvement of Italian Language skills.

The workshop will be led by a linguist who is conversant in both English and Italian. The multi-level workshop is geared toward conversational Italian, but will provide opportunities regardless of the level of proficiency of participants. The morning workshop will take place over coffee, tea, and cake, and will provide an opportunity for conversation and exchange in addition to enriching your command of the language.  The workshop will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 – 12:00.


In a flexible and a relaxed format, this language workshop will offer:

  • An enjoyable experience celebrating the beauty of the Italian language.
  • Participants will purchase four, two-hour sessions which must be utilized within a 60-day period. within a month-long period.
  • Sessions will begin with coffee or tea service accompanied by an array of sweets and lite hors d’oeuvres.
  • Workshop sessions, will be enjoyable and interactive, with group activities throughout.
  • Expect HOMEWORK!


On our website, at, participants will sign up for a workshop entitled: The Art of Italian Language.  Upon registration and payment, they will be provided four, “lesson coupons,” ” that can be used any time within a 60 day period.  Afterward, participants will schedule their lessons online and time, however, 48-hour’s notice is required.


The cost of the workshop is € 25,00, per person, per session.

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