The Art of Umbrian Cuisine

December 19, 2023

Many of you who have joined us at ICARTS in the past for our events: exhibitions, performances, concerts, etc., know of our commitment to learning, expression, cultural exchange - and sharing the richness of Umbrian culture!

In this, we hope you will also keep in mind our commitment to eating and drinking well! In this, our sincere objective is to celebrate the place of culinary arts and wine as a central tenant of in Italian/Umbria culture. In fact, at ICA/ICARTS, we have sought made this interaction - of art and culture, food and wine- a central element of our mission here in Monte Castello.

In the past, we have focused our efforts at the center on attracting an international range of participants from around the world. We have found this to be a rich and rewarding experience, and we hope that all of you in the community of Monte Castello also feel that the cultural life of the village has been enhanced by these efforts. We are now also excited to announce new directions in our articulation with the community here in the village of Monte Castello di Vibio! In this regard, we have developed a number of experiences - specifically for our neighbors. We will do our best to share these opportunities with you all and to make participation an option that is easily available for residents of the village and the region. In this, often collaboration with local partners will be central tour objectives. Over the next few months, we hope to make these opportunities known to you and we hope you will join us in making them an ongoing source of enrichment.

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