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The International Center for the Arts, and ICARTS, SRL, are proud to announce a unique workshop focused on the appreciation of Umbrian culinary arts and wine.

Beginning in our 2024 season, ICA/ICARTS, will offer an ongoing workshop that features carefully prepared, traditional meals and select regional wines - at lunch and/or dinner - on the beautiful terrace of our Asilo structure just a few meters from the Café Centrale, here in the center of Monte Castello.  Chef’s Massimo and Marialuisa Cosntanzi will lead this culinary adventure.

As many of you know, we have been fortunate to have some great chefs at ICARTS. Over the years many of our neighbors have dined at the school or at receptions we have hosted, and we get a lot of positive feedback on the food and wine we serve at these events. With this in mind, and in response to numerous requests, have created an opportunity for residents of the village and its environs to dine at the school on a regular basis - in context of a cultural/educational experience. Since ICARTS is an educational entity and not a restaurant, this distinction is particularly important, and thus the opportunity will be offered in context of a workshop, entitled: The Art of Umbrian Cuisine.


In a flexible and a relaxed format, this exciting food and culture workshop will offer:

  • An informative cultural/culinary experience celebrating the history and diversity of the food and wine of Umbria.
  • Participants will purchase three in the form of three meals: lunch or dinner, in any combination.
  • A course consisting of three meals, which can be taken at lunch or dinner (or any combination thereof) within a month-long period.
  • Meal selections will be made by participants from a menu calendar posted our website every two-weeks.
  • Each meal constituting the course will feature five, carefully prepared courses, each accompanied by a wine tasting of Antonio’s recommendation.
  • Participants will be provided a menu which includes:
        • Antipasto
        • Primi
        • Secondi
        • Contorno
        • Dolce, and/or cheese.
  • These meals will be selected at the convenience of individual participants, and according to the menu and guided by their culinary preferences
  • Selection of meals by participants will be based on the online menu posted to our website on a bi-weekly basis
  • Attendance of the experience (either lunch or dinner) requires 48-hour reservation, to be confirmed online. 
  • Upon selecting their meal day and time, participants will receive an in-depth menu - delivered via email, that with descriptions of the courses and components, recipes, and overview of the historical cultural context – as well as notes on personal variations of traditional recipes and personal anecdotes by Massimo and Marialuisa


On our website, at, participants will sign up for a workshop entitled: The Art of Umbrian Cuisine.  Upon registration and payment, they will be provided a three “meal coupons” that can be used any time within a 30 day period, for either lunch or dinner.   Afterward, participants will schedule their meals online, after reviewing our Dining Calendar, where menus will be posted two-weeks in advance.  Meals can be scheduled as far in advance as preferred, or with as little as 48 hour’s notice.  Upon selecting their meals, participants will receive and email with detailed descriptions of the courses and components, recipes, and overview of the historical cultural context – as well as notes on personal variations of traditional recipes and personal anecdotes by Massimo and Marialuisa.


The wine-paring dimension of the course, features another Umbrian culinary icon, Antonio Andreani, who is a professor at the Perugia-based, University di Sapori, where he teaches classes on the sense of taste. His restaurant, L’Alberata, has been a fixture in the culinary community in this part of Umbria for over two-generations. Sommelier and master taster, Antonio will personally select Umbrian wines to accompany each course of each meal and provide a signature cheese selection to finish the experience for those who prefer that option.

We hope that you will join us for this unique and innovative, educational/culinary experience.


The cost of the workshop is € 30,00, per meal.  The price includes house wine with each course.  Sommelier recommended wines are available by the bottle.

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